Process Overview

ExplorationDevelopment Execution

Let’s Start a Conversation About Your Home

At Oak Tree Homes, we understand how intimidating building a new home, adding space or renovating can be. We’ve developed a straightforward three-phase process to get your dream result with less stress and frustration.

Project Phase 1: Exploration

The first phase lets us get to know each other, iron out our communication strategy and learn to trust each other.

Initial Interview Icon

Initial Interview

Like a first date, we are getting to know each other! We want to hear your dreams and ideas and we’ll share our approach to making them happen. We will provide references and credentials for you to research and we’ll both get a feel for if we’re a good fit.


You - Share your vision in your own words.

Oak Tree Homes - Answer lots of questions. Offer a design services agreement if we’re a good fit.

Follow Up Interview Icon

Follow Up Interview

Usually via email or phone – we’ll answer your questions, provide more detailed references and walk you through existing projects. We’ll send sample plans and specs and any info you need to make an informed decision about entering a long-term relationship with us.


You - Decide if we want to work together.


Sign a Design Services Agreement and pay the initial design fee so we can get to work.

Project Phase 2: Development

Our second phase has two sub-phases, schematic design, and design development. We start big picture, then revise and refine. At the end of phase two, we’ll have everything we need to present a fixed-price proposal for your project.

Design Kickoff Icon

Design Kickoff

In this first design meeting you’ll meet our design team. Together, we’ll gather ideas, discuss your wants, needs, goals and budget for the project.


You - Bring inspiration photos, design ideas, a list of wants and needs, and timeline/budget goals. Begin product research.

Oak Tree Homes - Document the existing condition of your space and capture your vision.

Schematic Design Icon

Schematic Design

Our next design meeting will give you an initial view of possible design solutions including floor plan, overall mass, and shape. We’ll gather feedback and make revisions with additional presentation meetings as needed to reach a design solution.


You - Provide feedback from product research and test-drive design ideas in your space.

Oak Tree Homes - Revise schematic design drawings as needed to develop a design solution.

Preliminary Estimate Icon

Preliminary Estimate

Our goal in this step is to create a budget for your project using quantity take-offs from schematic design plans along with historical project costs and allowances. This estimate will be +/- 10% of the final budget so you can make a decision to proceed or redesign.


You - Know what investment makes sense for you and your home and what compromises you are willing to make to meet your budget goals.

Oak Tree Homes - Present the range of investment required to build the design solution.

Design Development Icon

Design Development

This phase is all about the details. We’ll refine the floor plans, complete sub-design, and develop exterior detailing plus make showroom visits and material selections. With this information, we’ll finalize the construction plans and specifications.


You - Complete product research and make selection decisions.

Oak Tree Homes - Help with product education. Organize and validate specifications.

Project Proposal Icon

Project Proposal

At this meeting, we will present a written proposal to build your project per the developed scope, specifications, selections, and plans for a set fixed price.


You - Be prepared to sign a construction contract, provide funding and move forward with the project!

Oak Tree Homes - Provide a fixed price proposal.

Contract Icon


In this step, we formally commit to building the project and start putting the pieces in place to make your new spaces a reality.


You - Sign the construction contract and provide the deposit.

Oak Tree Homes - Secure permits, order materials, and issue purchase orders for the build.

Paperwork & Money:

Sign and Accept Firm Fixed Price Contract and Non-Refundable Deposit.

Project Phase 3: Execution

Our third phase is often where others start but for us, it’s the logical conclusion of solid preparation. Now we make it happen!

Pre-Construction Meeting Icon

Pre-Construction Meeting

Before we start work, we’ll sit down with you and introduce our production team, discuss what will happen during construction, review the schedule and coordinate the logistical details.


You - Gather your questions about scheduling, pets, safety, and access/security to your home.

Oak Tree Homes - Provide answers and work out details.

Construction Icon


It’s go time! This is where all the decisions and planning come together. We’ll work consistently and keep you up to date on our progress in making your dream a reality.


You - Ask questions if something doesn’t make sense and provide progress and final payments per the contract.

Oak Tree Homes - Lead our team to complete the project per plans, specs, and our contract.

Two- Year Warranty Icon

Two- Year Warranty

We want your space to be perfect after you move in and stand behind our work for a full two years. Let us know if you have questions or concerns and we’ll address them with no questions asked!


It’s Time to Begin

We’d love to chat about your upcoming project. Send us a few details, and we’ll get right back to you.